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Tyler "Zero" Mathison Empty Tyler "Zero" Mathison

Post by Pikashock on Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:35 am

Name: “Zero” is the alias he goes by, his real name is Tyler Mathison.

Gender: Male.

Birthplace: Radiant Garden.

Age: 16

Appearance: Zero has a youthful and yet mature look about him for his age, having a smaller sized build with shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a black leather jacket, seeming to look a bit too big for him, and a dark blue t-shirt underneath it. As far as pants go he wears dark green pants with zippers at the knees so they act as shorts in hotter weather, along with black sneakers for footwear.

Allegiance: Nobody.

History: Zero grew up in Radiant Garden, raised by his parents in a relatively normally mainly setting. His father was one of the castle guards, and from an early age he trained Zero to take the occupation when he grew older as well. At first he did well with it, but eventually found that he didn't want to take the job and wanted to travel. Taking his two weapons with him, his father reluctantly let him leave and he stayed around the area for a time. It was then that he stumbled across an orphan girl who he befriended. The two started to get along, and the girl even became a keyblade wielder. As time went on though, during a heartless attack he was killed, losing his heart and fall into darkness. He managed to have a strong enough will to become a nobody, and decided to stay away from the girl, traveling on his own. At this point he abandoned his old name and came up with the alias "Zero" for himself.

Class: Swordsman.

Weapon Names: Free Spirit and Fate Embracer.

Weapon Appearance: Fate Embracer is a sword based off of a Japanese chokuto blade, having a straight blade and a wooden hilt, being kept in a wooden sheath that acts as a sort of small staff. It acts as a faster weapon, focusing more on speed and relentless attacking then power. Free Spirit is a katana with a black hilt and silver blade, having its own sheath which acts as nothing more than a sheath. When using this weapon he uses it more for powerful attacks and carefully picking a move. Despite having two weapons, he only uses one at a time, switching weapons depending on which tactic he thinks is necessary and having the tactic down to a science by this point, though mistakes can always be made.


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Tyler "Zero" Mathison Empty Re: Tyler "Zero" Mathison

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