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Post by zashonfire on Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:23 pm

Name: (self explanatory.)
Gender:(you should know what this is. Ages 13 and up. I mean who would trust a 5 year old with a giant key?)
Birthplace:(Ex: Destiny islands, Radiant Garden, Traverse Town, Twilight town.)
Age:(how old is your character?)
Appearance:(images accepted but description is still required.)
Allegiance: (Are you a practitioner of light or dark or are you a nobody. All characters must start in a side but can trade sides or abandon their side.)
History:(what happened in the past for this character. Try to make it at least a paragraph)
Class: (Wizard, Shieldsman,Keyblade master, other weapons.)
Keyblade's or Weapon's name:(Name of your Keyblade or weapon.)
Weapon or Keyblade's appearance: (image is allowed but again description is required.)

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