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Sleepless in the Interlude Empty Sleepless in the Interlude

Post by FoxFireAlchemist on Sat May 20, 2017 3:07 pm

PetalPusher: We'll figure things out when you get here. There are a number of places we could set you up for a while.
TotallyNotaShaymin: okay. i guess i'm just not sure what i want right now. maybe i should visit my roommate or something. :/
PetalPusher: That's not a bad idea. Like I said though, don't worry about it too much. You've got time to figure things out, you'll be taken care of until we find a new situation for you.
TotallyNotaShaymin: i know, but... i don't really know if i want a new situation. i just dont understand why i couldnt have gone too
PetalPusher: That's neither here nor there. You've got to stop thinking for a while, about all of it. Orion may not even be the best thing for you; you owe it to yourself to try something different.
TotallyNotaShaymin: yeah but.... i guess. the train's moving, so im gonna loose my service soon. excited to see you though! ^^
PetalPusher: I as well. Have a safe trip.

Shay put her phone away as the familiar feeling of the train jolting forward made her lurch in her seat. Not too long ago, this feeling had thrilled her. Now though... it was melancholy. She didn't know how she felt. She was looking forward to seeing her friend and having a little vacation, but..... things were still in the air after that. Who would she go back to? Would she Solis again, or Ori, or Nora? What if she did have to find a new family, would it be someone she would fit in with?

She sighed and watched out the widow with her head propped on her hand as she watched them coast out of the Goldenrod Station.

Back to Saffron City, coming full circle. She sighed.

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Sleepless in the Interlude Empty Re: Sleepless in the Interlude

Post by Pikashock on Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:41 pm

The bottle clanked against the table as Toma put it back down, the wet bottom just barely touching the edge of the papers. He glanced over at Thea for a second, and showed the smallest sign of a grin as he noticed her ever so slightly furrow her brow and fidget. In that moment, Toma locked eyes with the woman and stared for a few seconds. He didn't want any misconceptions: he did do that just to mildly irritate her.

Even though she was a friend, sometimes he felt like Thea still subconsciously acted like she had some level of power or authority over him. Toma enjoyed breaking that illusion, one minor inconvenience at a time. They'd stack up.

" want me to babysit." He stated flatly, looking down at the picture of Shay Minawa that rested on the wooden tabletop.

"Yeah. That's about right." The woman nodded her head in turn. Toma chuckled under his breath and shook his head, reaching forward and grabbing the bottle he'd been drinking from.

"I don't get it. Why do the Rangers want me to keep an eye on her? I thought that whole situation she was in was already dealt with." He shrugged as he asked his question, taking a swig of the booze in his bottle before putting it back down on the table, this time placed a bit more on the papers.

Another fidget from Thea.

"There's been a new development. We have reason to believe that she's got people looking at her again." She answered, her eyes flickering back and forth from the papers and Toma. The Absol gijinka raised a brow, shaking his head and looking down.

"We've known each other for a while now, Thea. I thought you were the respectable sort." He stated calmly, keeping his eyes down and letting out a half-hearted chuckle. He could see her tense up out of his peripheral vision.

Me? I'm respectable, you're-"

"Then why are you insulting me like this?" Toma cut her off, looking back up to her. His voice was calm, but hard and cold. He wasn't going to let this go. "You're asking me to go get myself in the business of legendary pokemon, and what I'm assuming are crime organizations,

"The first time was your choice-"

"For a reason, Thea. Reasons you know, and reasons I want before I do anything." He kept his gaze focused on the woman across from him. She held it for a few seconds, before sighing, looking down. "You've changed."

"Had to. Some of us have rules to live by, Toma." She shook her head, letting out a sigh as she looked back to Toma. He narrowed his eyes into a squint as he looked at her. She...seemed genuinely regretful. The Ranger took a deep breath, looking back to Toma. Then she gestured towards the bottle.

"You got another one of those? I'll trade you for it."


He had been waiting outside of the train on the loading platform, hanging by the back of the crowd as he kept watch. Sure enough, he had the right train: Shay Minawa had boarded the train to Saffron City, heading back home, like he'd heard. He couldn't help but feel for the kid, if the records on previous events were correct, she was just trying to head back home when she'd gotten caught up in everything last time. Still, he wasn't a kidnapper, and she was potentially in some kind of danger. He moved up through the crowd, taking his time as he reached the door and showed his train ticket.

"We have good reason to believe that the remnants of that group that wanted Shay kidnapped last time have teamed up with some remnants of Team Galactic. From what we've seen, it looks like they're trying to find a way into the Distortion World."

"Well, that's neat, isn't it? What's that got to do with Shay?"

" don't sound worried. Well, they've been trying to recover documents, research and the like that Team Galactic had in their possession before they disbanded. Very recently, somebody inside the group anonymously contacted us. Told us that they'd retrieved a file discussing ways to get into the Distortion World. According to some documentation, a Shaymin's Seed Flare ability can apparently open a gateway to our world when used in the Distortion World."

The Absol gijinka brushed himself off as he stepped into the train cart, casually walking down the aisle. He mentally replayed the finer details of his conversation with Thea as he moved, reminding himself why she was supposedly in danger. His eyes scanned the seats around him, searching for Shay, and anybody suspicious that might have hopped onto the train.

"If she only works as an exit from the inside, why do they want her?"

"At worst? Maybe they already have a way in. Maybe they want to send Shay in to get somebody else out. Or, they could be planning on experimenting with her a bit. After all, if she does work as an exit from the Distortion World, maybe after some messing with that link she has to the gateway, they think they can find a way to reverse it so they can use her to get inside. The bottom line is, Shay's their shot at getting in there, and they know about it."

"Why do they want to get inside, anyways?"

"No clue. Our anonymous source failed to clarify their goals. They said they might explain further should they run into one of us in person, or someone like us at least."

"Guess that'd be me."

"No. No, definitely not. I don't want you getting involved in any of this other than keeping Shay safe. We don't even know if they're going after her, she's a lead to them, but they might have other options. International Police will be informed, and hopefully they'll deal with the situation before anything big happens. But until then, somebody's gotta keep an eye on Shay. Just in case, you know?"

"Fair enough, makes things easier for me. Anything else I should know?"

"Yeah, don't be an idiot and smoke around her or do anything like that. The Seed Flare can be nasty."

He finally saw her after moving down a few carts, stopping for a moment to balance himself as the train began to move forward. The man had already thought about how he should approach the situation. After all, she was probably a little bit traumatized from her previous incident at least. Something told him she might not be ready for another situation like that again. Unfortunately, it wasn't either of their choice.

As Toma moved by the seat the Shaymin gijinka was sitting in, he lifted his arm up and coughed into it, stifling the cough and hoping to get her attention subtly in the process.
"Ah, 'scuse me, but is that seat taken next to you? Train's a little crowded, and I mean, I can stand but I'd rather not if I don't have to, you know?" He questioned the girl, wearing his best smile on his face as he looked down at her. Of course, he hoped he wouldn't unnerve her. He'd thrown his usual clothes into his backpack, wearing something more casual around here to make himself look a bit more discreet, but the white hair, red eye, and the eyepatch covering his left eye probably made him stick out a bit even still.


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