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Post by Jax on Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:13 am

Name: CASAPP (Central Autonomous Security And Protectionary Program), AKA: "CAZ"

Gender: Male  

Birthplace: The Grid

Age: Has been functional for 10 years.  

Appearance: CASAPP is an older program, hailing from the days before C.L.U. dominated The Grid. He is textured with a long cloak and cowl which shines with his while circuitry color. The rest of his texturing is black and worn. Over the years his coding has been corrupted and some in some places his cloak seems to be cracked or torn, the circuitry color shining through. He is fitted with a sleek helmet to hide his face. It is speculated that he may simply not have been programmed with human facial features, as his primary protocol did not include social routines.

Allegiance: Light

History: Originally designed by Kevin Flynn as an anti-virus and defragging program for The Grid, CASAPP was used to ensure The Grid stayed clean of any malicious external software or extraneous and harmful data. He was extremely proficient in combat and displayed a high capacity for lateral thinking and improvisation not often found in Basics. CASAPP recorded high grades on all performance tests and was complimented by Flynn as being, "one of the slickest programs he'd written in years." He performed his routines and protocols optimally, ensuring The Grid ran cleanly and efficiently, often derezzing programs and malicious code that the normal guardians could not handle. His loyalty to his programming and Flynn persisted even after C.L.U.'s coup and the subsequent Purge.

He held true to his programming during C.L.U.'s coup and attempted to oust C.L.U. with an attempted derezzing. This failed and CASAPP was apprehended. Not wanting to derez such a functional program, C.L.U. tried to repurpose CASAPP and forcibly rewrite his subroutines to turn him to hunting and derezzing ISO's, high-functioning programs which spontaneously evolved on the Grid, as opposed to being created by Users. Though CASAPP did work for C.L.U. for a time, he ultimately was resistant to the work. His mood decided, he was antagonistic and often sabotaged operations, his performance rating declined, and his repurposing was finally deemed a failure. Flynn's original coding had imprinted too deeply.

Once he was decommissioned from C.L.U.'s new regime, he was placed in confinement and reassigned to be a spectacle participant in the Game Arena. He spent years there as a special player, only brought out when a player would advance too far in the ranks and need to be put down and derezzed for the crowd's pleasure. His combat protocols allowed him to dominate on the Light Cycle Grids and Disc Arenas. However, years of confinement, torture, and exhausting bouts in the Games took their toll and CASAPP's coding began to degrade. His texturing became weathered and torn, his voice began to sound fractured and distorted, and at times it would appear his memory was scrambled.

It finally was decided that CASAPP was to be decommissioned and derezzed, and what better way than to pit the legendary fighter against the crowd favorite and unbeatable Rinzler? The Games Arena was filled to capacity and the two competed in contest after contest until finally CASAPP collapsed, exhausted. In those final moments, CASAPP realized Rinzler's true identity as he loomed over him, ready to deliver the final blow. It was Tron: The Grid's former hero and Champion of the Users. C.L.U. had corrupted him beyond a shadow of what he was. CASAPP would not allow that to happen to him. He could not be derezzed. He couldn't leave The Grid to C.L.U.'s corruption. He had been weak for so long, but in his final moments he knew he couldn't let Him down. He would not fail Flynn.

In a last ditch effort, CASAPP grasped for his fallen Identity Disk and rushed to block the blow.

CASAPP did not feel his code melt away. He hadn't been derezzed. When he looked to his hand, it wasn't his Identity Disk that he had blocked Rinzler's strike with, but a keyblade. It was formed from hard light and at the end was his Disk. His circuitry color shifted from deep blue to a shimmering white. On his arm, beneath the cloak, a symbol appeared. He had spontaneously been re-coded as an ISO.

Renewed, CASAPP staved off Rinzler long enough to escape the Games and flee to the Outlands. After much wandering, he discovered a way out of The Grid. Now he searches for the secret of what this new weapon is and why it was gifted to him.

Class: Keyblade Acolyte

Keyblade's or Weapon's name: Recursion Matrix, AKA: REM

Weapon or Keyblade's appearance: A keyblade constructed from hardlight and Grid circuitry. It can be spawned from his Identity Disk, which appears on the end where the key bit usually is. The Disk can be detached to be used as another weapon or it can be used to enhance the keyblade by spinning at the end, essentially functioning as a saw.

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CASAPP Application Empty Re: CASAPP Application

Post by zashonfire on Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:20 am

good to go Jax can't wait to see how this guys fairs in the real world

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