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Escape from the Cavern Empty Escape from the Cavern

Post by thekyle96 on Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:05 pm

Oh shit Stephen thought as he heard shouting from a group of people he royally pissed off. Dressed in a sleeveless black hoodie, black Jeans and a red bandanna tied around his nose and mouth he headed towards the Giant Tiger head in the desert. Do something bad, piss the good people off, do something good, you piss the bad ones off. I wonder what doing nothing feels like.

  Stephen walked into a small building and saw broken vases and knocked over furniture. The shop keeper was tied to a chair in the back corner of the shop. Stephen slid over the counter and untied the man. "What happened here, and do you know who did this?" Stephen took a step back from the owner just in case this was a trap. The man took a shaky breath, "It was a group of bandits known as the Sand fang, they've gotten a lot bigger in the past few weeks then any other bandit group has in a long time here." he slowly got up from his chair. Stephen looked around a little more. There were a few racks that looked like they used to hold an assortment of different weapons. They probably also stole any gold the owner had, everything else looked like it was either destroyed or over looked. "Where are they and how many of them are there?" Stephen demanded. The owner stared at him for a few seconds. "Don't try talking me out of it. I'll find them and hunt them down regardless, but if you know that saves me time on searching for these low lives." Stephen looked the man in the eyes this time. "I've only heard rumors, but I've heard they have a camp set up somewhere between here and The Giant Tiger head in the desert. I'm not sure how many people are there though, but six people robbed me." Only six? there has to be more then six if people are starting to get worried about them. Well six actually is a big number come to think of it, I mean i only know of three other Keybladers. Stephen turned and walked out the door after thanking the man.

  Stephen ran as fast as he could from the group of fifteen that all had a death wish on him. The desert was oddly calm, but still dangerously hot. Stephen was ambushed while trying to find the Sand Fangs' camp site. "No one comes to find us without paying the price!" one of them shouted after Stephen. Someone must have ratted him out or had been watching him. He saw the Rock in the distance, but didn't know if he'd make it before they caught up to him. Although he was fast, Stephen was never very good at running on sand, even though he grew up on a beach. About thirty feet away from the stone, someone grabbed the back of Stephen's hoodie. Stephen planted his right foot then pivoted to punch. The punch connected hard with the bandit's jaw and Stephen summoned his Keyblade. He threw it straight down and a plume of sand splashed up and Stephen took off again. Stephen summoned Abyssal ruins to his hand and did a three-sixty jump spin and threw down his Keyblade to make another plume of sand, but this time his the Keyblade was on fire.

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