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Post by Axineld on Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:54 pm

Name: Marco Pystom
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Radiant Garden
Age: 18
Appearance: Marco stands at about six foot tall and 170 lbs. His body doesn't have definitive muscles, but they definitely are there, built up from occasional heartless fights and buidling gummi vehicles. His outfit while working on his gummi creations is a basics mechanics jumpsuit with his company as a patch on the back. When he is not working Marco's clothing is pretty basic and changes depending on what world he is in. If he is riding his gummi-cycle he is at least wearing a leather jacket. Marco has medium length straight blonde hair that goes to slightly above his shoulder and he had brown eyes.
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Allegiance: Warrior of Light. (Prefers to design gummi-vehicles though)
History: Marco grew up living on the outskirts of the main township of Radiant Garden. He had always seen patrols come by on gummi-cycles and always wanted to learn how to design and make his own and learn the science behind gummis. Eventually when Marco was fifteen he decided to leave home and move into the main area of Radiant Garden so that he could get a job somewhere that he could follow his passion. Eventually he found a job and was able to work making his own gummi vehicles and even got to design them.

After he successfully designed and created a gummi-cycle all on his own, it was revealed that he had a real talent for the craft. However the celebration was short lived, as heartless began to attack the garage that he worked at. Before any keyblade bearers could show up, Marco awoke his own keyblade. Nobody was completely sure why the keyblade chose Marco, but they just accepted it as fact. Marco now tries to balance his time as a keyblade bearer and gummi mechanic, even though he would prefer just to be a gummi mechanic.
Class: Keyblade Bearer
Keyblade's or Weapon's name: Engine's Soul (Keyblade)
Weapon or Keyblade's appearance: Engine's Soul is about the length of Marco's arm, so it doubles the length of his reach. The grip of the keyblade is a simpe cylinder and the guards around the grip and two arcs that have different shapes on them, circles, stars, rectangles, and diamonds. The shaft of Engine's soul is made of three-dimensional shapes such as cubes, spheres, ellipses, etc. capping the shaft of the blade is a dome. The blade of the keyblade is an arc that resembles a Thundaga Gummi (From KH2), and the three diamonds are extended and sharp so that they can actually cause damage.


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Marco the Gummi Engineer Empty Re: Marco the Gummi Engineer

Post by zashonfire on Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:02 am

looks perfect Axi approved

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