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Xelphei "Eva" Cassiopeia Empty Xelphei "Eva" Cassiopeia

Post by Xelphei on Sun May 18, 2014 4:43 pm

Name: Xelphei "Eva" Cassiopeia

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Traverse Town

Age: 19

Appearance: Xelphei has light tan skin with dark maroon hair and a single blond streak in her bangs. Her hair falls down to the small of her back with a soft, curly waviness to it and her bangs are parted to the left. There is a simple headdress she wears made of sky blue beads, a gold colored cloth head band, and one fascinator resembling a Thai soap flower resting above her right ear. She has grey eyes. Her top is red with only one shoulder strap on the left. She has red bulb shoulder sleeves on both arms separate from her top. Underneath those sleeves, she has white sleeves that run past her wrist, but part at her wrist and hang off her arm. Although it is only visible on her wrists, she has black tribal tattoos on her arms. The last thing adorning her wrists are gold "winged" bracelets. Her naval is exposed and a white tribal sun tattoo is fully visible. She wears a belt with two daggers made of tungsten hanging off of it. Her bottoms consist of black shorts that fit around her thighs with black chains hanging from the front and attaching to the back on both sides. There is a gap exposing the sides of her thighs and hips, but a soft red cotton material hangs from each chain close to the beginning of her thighs--forming her bulbous pant legs. They come to a fitted cuff below her knees. Another tattoo snakes down her left leg--resembling a group of stars in the line of the constellation Cassiopeia. Her shoes are black and gold combat boots. She appears to be around 125 lbs, but with a very lean stomach.

Allegiance: She is a practitioner of Light

History: Xelphei had adopted the life of a gypsy at the young age of 5 do to the abandonment from her parents. She had spent 12 years traveling with different clans trying to find her parents. Unfortunately, she discovered her parents had passed due to unknown causes, and has ceased her search in order to start a new life for herself. One of the other travelers presented her with a fascinator in the shape of a Thai soap flower when she decided to leave the pack, and she has not taken it out of her hair since receiving the gift; she was told it would help her in her search for truth. She has lived a relatively peaceful life mastering magic with several different wizards. She considered herself an apprentice of science due to her love of experimenting and hypothesizing. She finds that she has little use for magic, though, but has the determination to find a place where her abilities belong. She practices magic daily wherever she goes.

Class: Witch

Keyblade's or Weapon's name: Andromeda and Orion

Weapon or Keyblade's appearance: Both Andromeda and Orion are made of Tungsten and have a relatively simple design. They don't weigh more than 3.5 lbs altogether, and are no longer than 8 inches. Andromeda has the Andromeda constellation engraved into it on both sides down the middle of the blade, and Orion has the Orion constellation engraved the same way.


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Xelphei "Eva" Cassiopeia Empty Re: Xelphei "Eva" Cassiopeia

Post by thekyle96 on Sun May 18, 2014 4:50 pm

Good character.

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