Friends Don't Forget Me (Solo; Sleeping Worlds)

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Friends Don't Forget Me (Solo; Sleeping Worlds) Empty Friends Don't Forget Me (Solo; Sleeping Worlds)

Post by FoxFireAlchemist on Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:56 pm

[Das solo thread describing some of the crazy things that happen in Das sleeping worlds with Das Neona. Takes place in the present/recent past.]

The drop into Traverse Town had been rowdier than normal. Neona Aysel was very thankful to finally touch down in the First District. She did so very lightly; she normally wasn't so "graceful" with her landings but this was a drop that Neona knew better than the back of her eyelids. Ah, Traverse Town; a place full of memories and fond feelings. Well. MOSTLY memories and fond feelings. The rest of the things that awaited her here were bloodthirsty nightmares and homicidal shady persons.

What a lovely place for a frail mute.

Afore mentioned frail mute was now swinging around a light post just for fun because, hey, flowmotion's the shit.

After a few minutes, Neona let go of the pole and was sent flying towards a handrail lining some stairs, which she homed into and ground easily. The humid air reaked of rain, and it was only a matter of time before the heavens opened up and drenched Neona completely to the bone. There was a place for her though, and that was the place where Neona was headed.

[Premature Hiatus For Something Better]

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