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Post by FoxFireAlchemist on Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:41 pm

Name: Neona Aysel

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Radiant Garden (???)

Age: 16


Neona Aysel E24F1A22-979C-4759-B610-E2527A8CB4B8

Neona is a moderate height for her age, standing at around 5'4". She has soft blonde hair done up into two low ponytails, and the hair that hangs over her shoulders is curled at the ends. Her pale, powder blue eyes tend to give off an air of innocence, but she only really looks a couple years younger than her actual age. Neona's biggest advantage is her speed; she has a light frame like a bird's and surprisingly powerful legs and arms (for being so skinny).

Neona tends to prefer the colors yellow and white (with the occasional shade of light blue or brown); shown clearly in her wardrobe choices. Neona's long-sleeved dress is mainly white at the top with yellow trim, whereas from the bottom of the thorax down it is yellow with white trim; the transition between the two parts is masked, however, by the brown bodice she wears overtop of the dress. Her dress also has a hood that she wears at random times, generally when she travels. She wears brown knee-high lace-up boots that look similar in style to those knee-high converse shoes, as well as light-yellow trimmed white stockings. Neona also wears brown gloves with 3/4ths of the fingers cut off so that most of her fingers remain revealed and use of her hands isn't as restricted.

In a few varied places on her ensemble there are prints inspired by her crest.

Allegiance: The Light

History: Neona's story begins at her suspicious abandonment at a small orphanage in Radiant Garden as very tiny baby, barely three days of age. Barely anything is known about where she came from, but most speculate she was indeed born in Radiant Garden. Only two things about her birth were ever discovered:

1. She was born prematurely
2. She was born prematurely because her mother was trying to abort her

She was so so small, and she had heart and lung problems to boot. It was a wonder in itself she didn't die just laying there outside for however many hours until somebody found her. But by some miracle, Neona beat the odds stacked against her and lived, despite the lack of means to care for her at the orphanage where she was dumped. Her heart and breathing problems remained with her as she grew; however, and Neona still often suffers random bouts of apnea, heart palpitations, and other related problems. Her vocal chords were also underdeveloped and fused together, so making any sound was a chore for her.

Neona was named by a member of the orphanage staff who had been caring for her after she was found. Her name would always to be a reminder of that first night; the night she really should have died. She remained surnameless, however.

Once she was old and strong enough (around the age of three), Neona was moved out of the nursery and began living with the other children within the orphanage. There, things just got worse. Her messed-up vocal chords made it hard and even painful to try and speak clearly; often she would just resort to whispering. The caretakers didn't really care for any of the children, even Neona, personally. They often pushed Neona to speak out loud (despite how it pained her and how much she disliked it), and she often ended up punished a lot of the time. In addition to that, with all the extra help she needed, Neona began to become a complete bother to them.

From the very beginning, the other children very quickly began to notice all the extra attention Neona was receiving. Needless to say, it didn't go over very well with them. They became rather jealous of her, and began to shun, tease, and ridicule her, especially when word of her abandonment got out (giving them yet another thing to tease her with). Some kids evetually began to tolerate her and just avoided talking to her whenever they could, but just as many were merciless pricks. They never gave her any peace, and little Neona didn't have the strength to fight it (nor did she really want to fight the other kids thanks to her rather compassionate nature).

After being exposed to this awful atmosphere every day for two or so years after moving in, Neona couldn't handle it and she finally went completely mute. She would never speak again. She was exiled into a room where she stayed alone; with nothing but a dusty bunk bed and window which she would gaze out for entertainment. She was depressed, sad, and upset, but it was the only life she really knew. It was during this sad and isolated point in her life that she developed a fascination with the moon.

The moon was her favorite escape. Night after night, well after all the other kids fell asleep, Neona would curl up in the ray of moonlight that came through her window and lean on the old wooden windowsill; staring into the moon. She began to have strange yet comforting dreams and hear soothing voices talking to her. She achieved a special connection with the moon in her heart, mind, and soul, and this connection had very curious and wonderful affects on her. Neona began to develop a deep understanding on a subconscious level, opening her up and completely changing her.

Suddenly, Neona wasn't sad anymore. No matter how harsh things got for her at the orphanage, her bright mood remained constant. She still didn't fight or even speak when the harassment began, but she did developed a certain obliviousness about her; one that sheltered her from the biting remarks and the hostile environment. She also developed a seemingly (or rather, selectively) one-track mind; often forgetting things until it was necessary that she remembered them. Being a very bright girl, she quickly picked up sign language as her main form of communication and became fluent in it within a month. She also picked a surname for herself; in honor of the moon, of course.

One night, Neona snuck out to watch the moon from a little grassy hill visible from her window. It was the first time she had ever left the orphanage; the first time she had even gone outside since the day she was found. She found that the grass was a much softer and less splinter-riddled alternative to her wooden floor back at the orphanage. She sat and she watched, becoming so entranced by the sight of the moon that she didn't even notice the sun begin to rise. And that's when she discovered -or rather, was discovered by- her first real friend.

For years after this, Neona's life was even happier. The awful environment at the orphanage couldn't even phase her now with her new partner-in-crime. Oh how it felt to have a friend! ...Even if he had no clue what she was saying to him. It was the best thing Neona ever knew in her whole life.

As they spent more time together, Neona's friend began to pick up on some sign language. They slowly began to have real conversations; short at first, then increasingly getting longer. They began to use their new communication skills to play games, and Neona's friend suddenly became the voice she had lost so long ago. Each day, Neona found she knew more joy than she did the last. Not even the rough patches in their relationship could make Neona unhappy.

And then it happened. Neona discovered her Keyblade.

It was during the darkest hours of the night, and it was a new moon out. Neona and her friend were out waaaay too late, and they were at least attempting to find their way back to the orphanage. A heartless attack had been reported, and Neona's friend knew it wasn't safe to be out side. They were just making their way to the safety of town when all of a sudden they were ambushed by a swarm of Heartless.

A desperate situation arose. For the first time, Neona felt paralyzing terror, not for herself, but for her friend, who was now rendered helpless. She reached deep inside herself and tapped into her connection with the moon; the only slice of safety she knew. She focused inward until she just couldn't anymore, giving all of her existence to one little prayer:

"Please light the darkness; bring him safely home. If nothing else, let me return him home."

Suddenly, a strange power surged out from Neona. The new moon became a bright full moon, and a glowing light appeared in her hand. The light became a large key, and Neona began hacking away at the heartless as if she had been doing it her whole life. Strangely, she didn't remember this afterwords.

Around this time, Neona began collecting keychains; yet another fascination she developed.

A couple years later, Neona's friend met his demise in another heartless attack. Neona collapsed from heart palpitations on her way to find him. She crawled to him just in time to see him die.

Neona couldn't even comprehend what at happened. There was nobody. Her friend, her family, her voice, had died AND completely vanished. For the first time in her entire life, Neona experienced rage. Blinding, burning, murderous rage. She wanted everything dead; every heartless tortured and burned. Neona just wasn't capable of harbor in those kinds of feelings, however. The immense rage fizzled out after only a moment, replaced by overwhelming fear, grief, emptiness, and forlorn-ness that knocked her right back into shock.

She managed to mark a him small grave and sat with it for days in a constant state of shock and agony. She was starving, parched, and once again alone. Finally, in a last-ditch attempt to survive, her brain started repressing the memories of his death. But this time, Neona refused to remain ignorant. Instead, she took her memories and hid them deep in her heart, not allowing her brain to delete them. She couldn't quite recall them clearly anymore, but now she would always have them.

That day, Neona left the orphanage and her home. Her personality reverted to it's cheery and sometimes oblivious state. She began traveling, dedicated to helping others who were plagued by heartless, no matter who they were. She also subconsciously continues to search for her friend at the same time, or what remains of him. She also continiues to collect keychains of all different types. She takes care of all of them diligently, but there is one particular keychain she cherishes most....

Class: Keyblade Weilder

Keyblade's or Weapon's Name: Lunar Crucifixion

Weapon or Keyblade's appearance:

(Note: These are all phase 1 concept drawings and they are NOT a completely accurate representation of what the blade will look like in its final stage of development. But they give you a basic idea so here they are.)

Living up to it's name, the main structure of this destructive Keyblade is a huge cross with a crescent moon decorated with the various lunar phases encompassing the hilt. The blade part itself has two sharpened beams that serve as both supports and blades. Another crescent moon with three diamonds/stars is held at the top of the blade by a few thin supports. The moons are yellow, the diamonds light blue, and the rest of the blade is pure silver. It is intricately decorated, however you cannot see this unless you get up close to the blade and observe it. It's simple yet effective design makes it a very light and accurate blade, and the power it holds within is incredible.

...If only there was a known way to tap into it. In fact, practically nothing at all is known about this keyblade. It's a complete enigma. Rumor has it that only a specific kind of person can wield it, but there's barely any evidence to back this up. It's form will also occasionally morph very very subtlety from time to time; an occurrence that seems to be linked to the phases of the moon.

(If it's alright I'd like to explain more about my keyblade as I go along and Neona starts learning more about it ((and as I start figuring out exactly what I wanna do with it)) X'D
I'll make sure to notify you guys when I figure something out/tweak something. If it's not alright though, that's cool too; I'll just figure something out X'DDD)

Instead of only having one keychain hanging off the back of the blade, Lunar Crucifixion houses Neona's entire collection of keychains. It is unconfirmed whether they have any affect on the blade and/or its powers/abilities.

(In topics, when Neona says something in sign language, the words will be in bold italics ((or italicized bold, you get the picture XD)) like so. Otherwise, if she writes something it will be in regular bold and when she's thinking to herself it will be in the usual italics. Emphasis will be in the form of CAPS LOCK or underlines.)

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I'm not crying, i'm just accepting your profile XD and yes its fine to elaborate more on your keyblade as you go along

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Yeee Thank you Kyle!!!! 8D

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