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Rules (MUST READ) Empty Rules (MUST READ)

Post by thekyle96 on Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:41 pm

First of all, welcome to the forum! Of course no one wants to sit and read the rules but it's probably best if you do since you could miss something important. So please take the time to read these before you attempt to create your character.


Rule One
You cannot start to roleplay before your character has been approved. You will know when your bio has been approved as a Character Moderator or Admin will have replied to it telling you it has been accepted. If not, they will point out what you have missed or need to change and you can edit it accordingly.

Rule Two
God modding (controlling someone's character without their express permission) is not allowed. When attacking someone, you cannot write about what someone other then you would do (unless you have approval from that person. When talking to someone, you cannot have their reply in your post. Perfect characters and Metagaming are also expressly banned.

Rule three
You may only have one account per person. We all know how tempting it is to create a new account so that you can create more characters quicker but anyone found with multiple accounts will have both of their accounts banned.

Rule Four
Respect all members (or die). I will not tolerate racism or bullying and both will result in an automatic permanent ban.

Rule five
Advertising your own site or forum on this forum is banned. If you wish to get new members for your own site then you can PM me (thekyle96 And zashonfire) and ask. After that I may add you to affiliates and give you ONE topic, no "Bumping" will be allowed on that topic

Rule six
The death of a character can not be undone, The profile will be moved to the Dead Characters thread and then locked.

Rule seven
No begging to be a Moderator or Admin. If zashonfire and I (thekyle96) feel we need more Mods/Admins, we may offer a position, BUT only to someone who we deem worthy of that role, or if an there is an opening, PM Me and zashonfire to apply for a Mod or Admin status. You need to be a dedicated member and we need to know that you will be almost always active and will not just disappear from the site without a trace.

Rule eight
For the purposes of KILLING finding those lazy few who skip the rules and go straight to creating their character, you must put at least ONE of the following words into your character Bio;
"wiggle" "Pie" "Pong" "Games" "Cake" "Rooster" "Science" "Teeth" "Fire" "Darkness"
Think of it as a game and work one of them into your post without making it stand out too much.

Rule nine
No sexual posts, links, or Images (This will result in a permanent ban). No over the top swearing, keep it PG-13, (Seriously keep your pants on, or I'll just get the super glue.)

(1st offense Warning, 2nd 3 day ban, 3rd week ban, 4th, well lets just say there is a well, and I like kicking people, aka Perm ban.)

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